Weekly Update 6

This week we starting integrating the electronics with the shirt along with screen printing the design on the outer layer of the shirt. The screen printing was a done by both Sam and Stephen.

Sam- Finished and tested the audio detection code. Now the EL panels light up to different sound volumes. He also soldered the microphone to the breadboard and cut out the areas on the shirt that where the EL panels will be placed. Worked on an intermediate draft for the poster.

Stephen – worked on the sleeves of the shirt and the fabrication of the under layer. Sewed the EL panels to the outer layer. Also completed the outer layer shirts front and back.

The problems we faced this week was that the screen printing did not look 100% perfect, some squares that were printed look better than others.

For this next week will we will finish up building the shirt, which includes extending the wires from the EL panel to the EL sequencer, building a pocket to hold the electronics. And cutting out a hole so the microphone can be integrated into the shirt. Lastly, we have to finalize the poster.

M-Shirt after Screen Printing

M-Shirt after Screen Printing