Weekly Update 6

This week we starting integrating the electronics with the shirt along with screen printing the design on the outer layer of the shirt. The screen printing was a done by both Sam and Stephen. Sam- Finished and tested the audio detection code. Now the EL panels light up to different […]

Weekly Update III

Progress so far is at pace. As an Estimate I would say we are 40% done, all of the electronics are collected and now are just testing the software. They can not be permanently hooked up until the shirt is done. Which is going to be a major hurdle, getting […]

Weekly Report II

In the past two weeks we have gathered all the electrical components and started to gather the fabric. Stephen gathered the fabrics and the blueprint for the t-shirt. Next week he will be starting to make the double layered shirt. The first iteration of the shirt will be a plain […]

Weekly Report 1

So far the early weeks have been off to a good, but a slow start, as we are still waiting on some of the components to be delivered. However we have used the past week to solidify design specs, and prep the components we do have for early testing. Stephen […]

M-Shirt (Music Visual Shirt)

Project Title: M-Shirt¬†(Music Visual Shirt) Project Team Members: Sam S, ¬†Stephen Project Description: A T-shirt with EL devices that respond with music. The goals is to stress the pattern of the t-shirt so that the lights are integrated very well. The t-shirt should be the commercial grade, and be wearable […]

Winter Scarf – Sam Solovy

The scarf has two pairs of sensors with light outputs. The tri-colored LED responds to temperature, where the red indicates heat, and blue indicates cold. The light is blended for moderate temperatures. On the other side of the scarf there is two white LEDs that respond to the light sensor […]