Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

Final Project Initial Post – The Poncho

Project Title The Poncho   Project Team Members Alex Peer   Project Description Modular system for mounting electronics on a human being, such that the removable bits are rugged, comfortable, in theme with the garment, and can interface with sensors and displays woven into the garment. The main tricks: some […]

Final Project: Texting Shirt

Project Title: Texting Shirt Project Team Members: Michael Lampe and Sam Christensen Project Description: A shirt with a key board screen printed on it using conductive paint and a LED matrix display mounted on the cuff.  A mobile app will interface with your phone via bluetooth so that when you […]

M-Shirt (Music Visual Shirt)

Project Title: M-Shirt (Music Visual Shirt) Project Team Members: Sam S,  Stephen Project Description: A T-shirt with EL devices that respond with music. The goals is to stress the pattern of the t-shirt so that the lights are integrated very well. The t-shirt should be the commercial grade, and be wearable […]

Seamless technology in the presence of seams

  Project Team Members Calvin Smith Project Description Previous work has demonstrated the feasibility of a wearable, light-based, dynamic music visualizer, but the presentation left much to be desired. This project will focus on the integration of this currently-existing tech into a hat in as seamless a manner as possible. […]

Final Project Post: EL Wire, sound activated Dress

Project Title:  WhirEL Wind Dress, (EL Wire, sound activated Dress) Project Team Members: Myself Project Description: Dress that is reactive to sound, but plays with the idea of motion through pattern, and light (EL wire) Sketch/Concept Art: See PPT link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1J2zjDWBP21SHkPr_zHiZ6Cuivzd3hRGlVPh55u1LY80/edit?usp=sharing Inspiration: Other EL wire dresses, and garments, also a […]

Kevin Krieg – Final Project

Project Title: Drago  Project Team Members: Kevin Krieg Project Description A compression forearm sleeve that will track the user’s movement during weightlifting exercises, and then display metrics (acceleration, power output, bar path, range of motion, ect.) about each rep/set to the user’s phone. Additional ambitious goals would be for the […]