Lights and Music

final project post

–video -picture: -reflection: The first iteration of the M-Shirt is done. The shirt has 4 EL panels that light up at different sound volumes, which makes the shirt respond directly to music. Sound is read in at a microphone at the right shoulder and a microprocessor reads the live data […]

Final Project Post

Photography by Elizabeth Wadium Poster Link: Describe what your project does and how it works My project is a conceptual dress that lights up to sound.  It is a wearable art piece demonstrating the visual representation of sound waves through its design.  The Electroluminescent wire is hooked up to […]

Final Report

This project is a five-panel cap, with lights embedded in the brim, that reacts to an audio signal passed in through a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. As for how it works: it (mostly) doesn’t. Click the picture below for a feel of the current effect, then we can talk about why the video […]

Final Post

I created a fiber optic skirt. I used the Lilypad and attached LED lights along the waistband. The LED lights are intended to meet up with the fiber optics and illuminate the skirt. The copper beads dangle from the waistband and when they come in contact withe conductive fabric it […]

Weekly Update 6

This week we starting integrating the electronics with the shirt along with screen printing the design on the outer layer of the shirt. The screen printing was a done by both Sam and Stephen. Sam- Finished and tested the audio detection code. Now the EL panels light up to different […]

Weekly Update #6

Accomplishments: Everything is almost done! I sewed the whole garment together, got the electronics set up and started sewing on the EL wire. Outstanding Issues: Buying a battery that is powerful enough. Plan for next week: I will be finishing sewing the EL wire onto the dress and hemming it. […]

weekly update 5

Progress is a little behind schedule but the schedule had a lot of time blocked out for final touches which is can be left out. The biggest setback on the electronics side was the broken microphone, which that problem is now fixed. This week will be designated to sewing the […]