Final Project Post

My project is a wearable weightlifting tracker, which collects data during resistance training and displays qualities of your lifts, such as velocity and power. I am slightly disappointed with the function of my sleeve. It doesn’t work as consistently as I had hoped. However, I am pretty happy with how […]

Weekly Update #6

On Tuesday while trying to stitch in my hardware to a sleeve, one of the wires broke off its soldering. ¬†After trying to re-solder the wire to the sensor, the multi-core wires began to unwind and start wrapping around each other. So I decided to take apart everything, and re-wire […]

Weekly Update #5

  This week I continued to work on the function that captures data during a lift, and also started to work on the sleeve that will hold the hardware. I cut out the fabric that will cover one side of the forearm, and sewed a pocket onto it, which will […]

This week, I have really been struggling to get the equations of motions down, to give me accurate readings. I have the device set up to pretty reliably start and stop reading when I want it to, however I cannot get it to display any reasonable velocity readings. Hopefully this […]

Weekly Update #3

This week I worked on writing code that would be able to 1. Find the start and stop of a rep and 2. Find the peak and average velocity from that rep. From talking to Kevin and WeightUp solutions, I decided the Olympic lifts would actually be the easiest to […]

Weekly Update #2

On Tuesday I struggled the entire class, trying to figure out which pins on the Simblee lilypad supported I2C communication, in order to talk to my sensor. I emailed Simblee that night, and they got back to me pretty quickly, so I was able to successfully connect my IMU sensor […]

Weekly Update #1

This week I worked on installing the right library, and finding the right lines of code to establish a connection between the Simblee Bluetooth chip and and the Simblee iOS app. After this I created a quick rough draft of a user interface. I also worked on the wiring between […]

Kevin Krieg – Final Project

Project Title: Drago¬† Project Team Members: Kevin Krieg Project Description A compression forearm sleeve that will track the user’s movement during weightlifting exercises, and then display metrics (acceleration, power output, bar path, range of motion, ect.) about each rep/set to the user’s phone. Additional ambitious goals would be for the […]