Weekly Update #3

This week I worked on writing code that would be able to 1. Find the start and stop of a rep and 2. Find the peak and average velocity from that rep. From talking to Kevin and WeightUp solutions, I decided the Olympic lifts would actually be the easiest to start with (very distinct movements). I took the hardware into the gym and attempted to collect data, but ran into problems with the arduino battery. Hopefully I can get that worked out this week, and successfully collect some data.

I would estimate that I am 65-70% done with my project. The ideas behind my project haven’t changed, as much as scaled down. My focus has shifted from using the free FocusMotion SDK to identify different lifts, to just being able to capture the Olympic lifts. The last big hurdles for me, will be to get the software to consistently succeed at measuring a rep, and deciding on the final form factor.