Weekly Update #3



I re-soldered the wires to the accelerometer. I connected the accelerometer and got reasonable values. I redesigned the rash guard to hide the accelerometer with 3D printed pieces that I made. I bought a rash guard instead of using the wetsuit that I bought. I decided to do this because the wetsuit that I bought was too stiff and I was unable to move my arms in it. The rash guard ( polyester/spandex material) should be easier to sew with as well.


Some of the problems I encountered were choosing to use a polyester/spandex material instead of the thick neoprene wetsuit. I wasn’t sure how to hide the lilypad and accelerometer. The code I thought would work for the accelerometer won’t work so I have to redo that part.

My soldering skills are pretty horrible so I will probably need help to finish up soldering to the lilypad. I also am not sure how I can cut the neopixels and if conductive thread would work to connect 2 separate pieces?

Next week:

Now that I have a better idea of what I am doing I have a lot to get done for next week. My goal is to finish soldering the accelerometer to the lilypad and then solder the neopixel to the lilypad. Then, I will connect the accelerometer to the rash guard. I was thinking I would just use nonconductive thread to keep it sturdy. I would like to glue the neopixels to the rash guard as well (and figure out if it will work if I cut them up).

I would like to have everything in place on the rash guard so the only things I would need to do would be to work on coding and I also want to paint the 3D printed pieces and connect the same color fabric along the color as well.

I feel very behind and feel like I am 30% completed with the project. My project has changed as I have encountered problems. Because of time I may not have the time to make my rash guard waterproof but hopefully will be able to. Some of my major hurdles would be soldering, coding , and placing everything on the rash guard.