A Touch on Milky Way

Final Post

This project is a skirt with Neopixels and beads that creates a pattern inspired by Milky Way. For how it work, the electret microphone will detect the sound to trigger Neopixels to light up. The Neopixels will change the colors and blink based on the sensitive of VU meter when […]

weekly update #6

For this week, I finished attaching the whole circuit and got it work. I tested if my light source is good enough for the fiber optics and it kinda works. It just depends on If I hold the fiber optics on top of the light right or wrong. I also […]

update #5

For this week, I moved on to a new step about the component instead of being stuck at the sewing part since Marianne said that it’s more important that I can finish the component and make it work rather than sewing the skirt and I’m running out of time. Therefore, […]

week #4 update

For this week, I still haven’t done much more except cutting out some more pieces for the skirt so I don’t have any new photo to update. I’m still on my way to try to finish cutting the fabric and sewing my skirt. For next week, I will move on […]

Weekly update #3

For this week,  I has been working on sewing my skirt but it seems difficult for me as I’m very new to design. I was working on using pattern to cut out the fabric for my skirt but it is still very difficult for me.. Besides, i just try to […]

Weekly update #2

So far, all my materials arrived. I basically got the code (might have some adjustment later when shooting) and all materials for my circuit. My problem is I got mistake by ordering the wrong materials for the milky way pattern as I changed the ideas for the skirt after placing […]

Weekly update #1

This week, what I have accomplished so far is approaching coding, practicing with sewing machines, buying extra materials (fabric for lining and a part of body, invisible threads, hot glue gun) My problem is the order of the fabric that has pattern is delayed and it won’t arrive until 03/27. […]