Daily Archives: April 4, 2016

Weekly Update III

I have completed the software portion of my project but I will keep adding more features. Right now I am building the hardware, so I estimate that about 70-80%  of the work is complete. Nothing has changed since the initial pitch, I just decided to add more functionality. However, now I am […]

Weekly Update #3

There wasn’t a lot of progress this week due to another class having a major Project due but I am very confident in the work that was done. The engines were attached to the light ring that will reflect off the newly sculpted clear fan blades. Even if the fan […]

Weekly Update #3

Done this week: The test poncho is sewn, which gives me a sense of size and lets me test for weight. I’ve tested all the candidate fasteners as parts of simple circuits (lighting a single LED), and they all work fine.  Some of the stronger magnets require a fair effort […]

Weekly Update #3

Accomplishments: A lot came together this week. I was able to get a carpet from Sergenian’s, cut it to size and treat the ends with fray-check. A more permanent edge treatment may be helpful, but it’s holding reasonably well for now. I cut the spring steel boning into six equal […]

Weekly update #3

For this week,  I has been working on sewing my skirt but it seems difficult for me as I’m very new to design. I was working on using pattern to cut out the fabric for my skirt but it is still very difficult for me.. Besides, i just try to […]