Weekly Update III

I have completed the software portion of my project but I will keep adding more features.

Right now I am building the hardware, so I estimate that about 70-80%  of the work is complete.

Nothing has changed since the initial pitch, I just decided to add more functionality. However, now I am thinking of abandoning the idea of having  pressure sensitivity.

Major Hurdles:

  1. Designing the insoles such that all components can fit on it easily is proving to be tough.
  2. Trouble with finding the right kind of battery that meets all the requirements.
  3. Fitting the arduino on the insole is quite challenging.
  4. Branding the product in way that people can understand is also difficult. This means I am facing trouble with making my poster and presentation.
  5. My meetings with people at the design lab have proven to be futile.


  1. Designed and successfully implemented the fall detection algorithm.
  2. Designed and successfully implemented the gait detection algorithm.

This was the hardest part of the project and took  A LOT of time !!

Next week:

  1.  Will try to add pressure sensitivityGait Shoes
  2. Building an interface for easier access to information