Lights and Motion

Final Post

This project is a skirt with Neopixels and beads that creates a pattern inspired by Milky Way. For how it work, the electret microphone will detect the sound to trigger Neopixels to light up. The Neopixels will change the colors and blink based on the sensitive of VU meter when […]

Final Project Post

Upload images and videos of your final project and an image of your final poster as a JPG: I tried to upload videos but they don’t show up as they are quicktime iPhone videos, so I had to take these screenshots: light up cuff interior shot of patch pocket lights […]

Final Post

This project was a response to the notion that women need to cover themselves and avoid “distracting men.” There are two layers to the piece, a modest outer layer consisting of the hood, jacket, and skirt; and a more “revealing” layer underneath consisting of the crop top and leggings. When […]

Final Post

  Description: This project is a robe containing LEDs that can light up. People can use it during the midnight to light up their way instead of finding the switch to turn on the light. There are Lilypad and a battery hidden in the side pocket. This robe uses the […]

Final Post

Upload images and videos of your final project and an image of your final poster as a JPG Describe what your project does and how it works This dress has city lights that turn on when a light sensor is exposed and dims when the light sensor is covered What […]

Weekly Update#6

  Accomplishment: 80%-85% Last week I finished sewing the Lilypad in the pocket on my nightdress and I adjusted the code. The output data is OK. Difficulties: There are still some threads on the surface and I don’t know what is the best way to cover it. Plan next week: […]

Weekly Update #6

The light sensors are in, the only thing left to sew in are the EL lights and panel. Hopefully there won’t be too many problems with the wire- I’m assuming the only problem will be making sure there’s enough slack for movement. The panel cannot be sewn in, so I’ll […]

weekly update #6

For this week, I finished attaching the whole circuit and got it work. I tested if my light source is good enough for the fiber optics and it kinda works. It just depends on If I hold the fiber optics on top of the light right or wrong. I also […]