Weekly Update #6


The light sensors are in, the only thing left to sew in are the EL lights and panel. Hopefully there won’t be too many problems with the wire- I’m assuming the only problem will be making sure there’s enough slack for movement. The panel cannot be sewn in, so I’ll be taping it down and sewing the wire part of it.

The only worrisome task left is programing- in order to save time I did not use alligator clips to test the programing. It will all be down once everything is attached to the garment. Along with some help, the programming should work out.

A new problem I’ve come in contact with is the actual presentation of the garment. The dress form with legs would work accept it hangs from the head, meaning the hood cannot be put up. A normal dress form cannot work because it cannot hold the legs (although it would be perfect since the shoulders come in for the tiny crop top). I will most likely use the mannequins since they are very small (size 6-8) and can remove the top from the stand, put the leggings on, and then slide the stand through the left leg. The only annoying part is that the leggings will not be filled- they will hang. I might try to stuff the leggings with paper to make them appear more full.