Final Post

Finally the project is complete.


  • Coded a fall detection algorithm
  • Coded a gait and posture detection algorithm
  • Added pressure sensitivity
  • Added cloud functionality
  • Designed a nice, clean user interface to visualize all the information in a better way
  • Presented at the wearable tech showcase and received amazing feedback


click here_Insight Insoles Video

Weekly Update IV

Up till now almost all features have been completed except for pressure sensitivity. I used arduino nano as my micro controller and two pressure sensors placed at the front and at the back of the insole. A 9V battery was used to power the hardware.   Hurdles: Not enough space […]

Weekly Update III

I have completed the software portion of my project but I will keep adding more features. Right now I am building the hardware, so I estimate that about 70-80%  of the work is complete. Nothing has changed since the initial pitch, I just decided to add more functionality. However, now I am […]

Weekly Update II

I am now working on detecting bad posture and gait. My fall detection algorithm works. It does have a few quirks but those happen rarely. Now I plan to work on gait detection.     Roadblocks : 1).   Developing an algorithm that detects bad gait is more challenging since […]

Weekly Update I

So far I have been waiting for my materials to arrive. So in the meantime I decided to work on the software part of my project. I have been working on the app that will connect my phone with the shoe and extend its functionality.  I also decided to to add […]

Weekly Update #1

Accomplishments: Ordered all parts. Starts looking at the sample codes online for help with coding. Finalized the design for the accessory. Problems: I have a hard time understanding the code sketches because of no prior substantial coding experience. Next week: Start writing the code. Try out all the parts.

Final Project: Anxiety Sensor

Project Title: Anxiety Sensor Project Team Members: None Project Description: Use a pulse sensor, most probably attached to earlobe, to monitor anxiety levels based on heart beat. The product will log the data of heart palpitations and store it into a memory card in the form of number of heart […]

Gait Shoes

Project Title: Project Team Members: Tushar Verma Project Description:  A device that will measure pressure exerted by the body on the foot at different points. The data will be used for creating a pressure distribution profile for that individual. This will be used to recommend whether arch support for the […]