Final Project: Anxiety Sensor

Project Title: Anxiety Sensor

Project Team Members: None

Project Description: Use a pulse sensor, most probably attached to earlobe, to monitor anxiety levels based on heart beat. The product will log the data of heart palpitations and store it into a memory card in the form of number of heart palpitations during a given period of time, which can be later accessed. The device will examine how the anxiety medication slowly works to increase the level of serotonin in the body, ultimately decreasing the palpitations.

Inspiration: Anxiety Necklace (

Materials and Costs:

  • Already have: Micro-controller, temperature sensor, memory card.
  • Ordered: pulse sensor, humidity and temperature sensor
  • Need: OpenLog or breakout board for SD card.
  • Total Cost: ~$100


  • have all materials by March 4th.
  • calibrate and test humidity, temperature, and pulse sensor for accuracy, and finalize design by march 10th.
  • Coding by March 19th.
  • After march 19th: Test for accuracy and accessorize the product.

Fallback Plans: use a humidity and temperature sensor (SHT15) which is much smaller, and would help make design more compact. I can also simplify the technical side of it by just letting the user know about the palpitations and simplifying the data logging.