Textrr, Revolutionizing Modern Textring with Wearables

Project Title: Textrr (Now with double the r)


Project Team Members: Sam Christensen and Sylvia Schad


One part shirt, one part arduino, one part conductive ink and a few more parts love and careful coding.  We plan to create a shirt which is capable of sending (At first) texts and later is also capable of allowing the user to view the texts.  Pretty much, our goal is to utilize the cell phone for what it is, a ubiquitous mobile computer with an array of communication devices to move texting from something you do on a screen to something you can just do naturally.


Concept Art (Sketch creds Sylvia):   Final-Project-Scan (1)



  • Steve Jobs
  • Bare Conductive: Contours by Fabio Lattanzi Antinori and Alicja Pytlewska
  • CuteCircuit

Materials and Costs:

  • $25 – Conductive Ink
  • $25 – Silk Screen and Chemicals
  • $45 – Dress Shirt(s)
  • $45 – Arduino Board
  • $10 – Bluetooth Module

COST: $150


Current Progress:

The supplies are being received.  Currently waiting on the ink and arduino board (En route!).



  • March 3rd: Plan circuit on shirt
  • March 10th: Screen printing practice run – mission accomplished
  • March 17th: Legit screen printing – mission accomplished.
  • March 28th: Mobile application prototype – mission accomplished.
  • April 14th: Project complete


Fallback Plans:

Doing a T9 texting keyboard instead of a full keyboard or not having the LED display matrix

Also could move back to a smaller board (Like the lilypad) if the mega proves to be too difficult or power needy.