Final Project – Gallaher

Project Title

SeeFit Tracker

Project Team Members

Connor Gallaher

Project Description

A wrist-worn wearable that monitors heart rate and basic movements, driving output through LEDs that give the user visualization of heart rate zones, as well as progress in their workout.

Sketch/Concept Art

2016-03-03 07.56.24


Materials and Costs

Pulse Sensor – $25

3 axis Accelerometer – $12

Wristband – ~$5

Lilypad Board – $60

Total: ~$100


  • March 3rd: All materials ordered
  • March 8th: Begin implementing hardware
  • March 17th: Pulse sensor, accelerometer implemented in wristband (hardware completed)
  • March 29th: Begin programming
  • April 5th: Complete programming
  • April 7th-19th: Test, address issues if need be
  • April 21st: Final troubleshooting

Fallback Plans

Get rid of accelerometer functionality – reduce to heart rate and feedback via heart rate zones, how long in zone, etc.