Daily Archives: March 3, 2016


Project Title: Strip Project Description: Two layer outfit- one conservative and one “progressive. When the conservative outer layer is removed, the clothing underneath lights up via EL Wire Sketch/Concept Art: Inspiration: A response to ridiculous school (mainly high school) dress codes that teach women to cover themselves rather than feel […]

limitless light source jacket

Project Title Limitless lighted jacket Project Team Members: Aaron Kellerhuis Project Description: A jacket with LEDs incorporated in the cuffs for function as a light source for localized use in cramped dark areas that you may not be able to use a flashlight. Additionally the patch pockets on the front […]

Replica Android Suit

Description  Replica suit that is wearable and gives the appearance of a specific character. Images Materials/tools you’ll use/need Body suitEVA Foam3D printing for hands(maybe?) LED Strips 144/meter2 DC motorsMin servos for the arms Flex Sensors Wiring Conductive thread Ideas/concepts that you will need to master 3D drafting Complex Armor patterning […]

Heated Formal Wear

Project Title: Heated Formal Wear Project Team Members: Sarah Friedland Project Description: Create a dress that will emit heat when the wearer is cold, most likely determined by temperature sensor on fingers. Sketch/Concept Art:  Inspiration: Various heated clothing items are already available but they are primarily outdoor/sports gear. http://www.thewarmingstore.com/heatedclothing.html Materials and Costs: Fabric ~$30, Arduino board […]

Final Project Pitch

Project Title: Speed Rashguard Project Team Member: Erica Lewis Project Description I would like to create a rashguard that changes color depending on movement. For example, at slower speeds it might show a yellow color where at faster speeds it might show a green color. It would be ideal to […]


Project Title: Collaboration (culmination of all my class projects) Project Team Members: Manzeck party of one Project Description: A woven tapestry diptych with fiber optics demonstrates their use and function as a test for the final piece.   The final piece will be woven yardage with fiber optics that will […]


Project Title: Textrr Project Team Members: Michael Lampe and Sylvia Schad One part shirt, one part arduino, one part conductive ink and a few more parts love and careful coding.  We plan to create a shirt which is capable of sending (At first) texts and later is also capable of allowing […]

Final Project: Anxiety Sensor

Project Title: Anxiety Sensor Project Team Members: None Project Description: Use a pulse sensor, most probably attached to earlobe, to monitor anxiety levels based on heart beat. The product will log the data of heart palpitations and store it into a memory card in the form of number of heart […]