Final Project Post

Upload images and videos of your final project and an image of your final poster as a JPG: I tried to upload videos but they don’t show up as they are quicktime iPhone videos, so I had to take these screenshots: light up cuff interior shot of patch pocket lights […]

Weekly Update #6

  *Photos will be added Monday* Progress made this week: sewed the arms onto the lining basted the lining to the jacket outer sewed pockets onto jacket What needs accomplishing: embed componets attach cuffs attach collar POSTER! THIS WEEK!: Monday: SEW! take photos and prepare poster Tuesday: Have poster ready […]

Weekly Update #5

  Progress made this week: Re-cut and sewed my lining correctly ordered and received the new battery and extra LEDs I needed new components. rechargeable battery, battery port with on/off switch, button board, 10 white LEDs for the cuffs Tested hook and loop closure as a ‘switch’ in a circuit […]

Weekly Update #4

Progress made this past week: lining material sewn together facings added to jacket test fitting (slim) coding for light up pocket function copied and applied to a second set of pins on the lilypad arduino pockets patterned What needs accomplishing: wiring diagram pattern cuffs (no longer using a clear cording […]

Weekly Update #3

Progress Made this past week: Lining material cut coding successfully done bellows patch pocket concept researched ideas on where to integrate the electronics What needs accomplishing: Need to find a sewable material to conduct light through the cuff bands (plastic cording essentially) find a better dedicated power source for my […]

Weekly Update #1

Out of difficulty trying to find a ready made jacket to accommodate the components and  liner,  I decided to construct my own. GOOD: My jacket is starting to take shape, I have selected a pattern, sourced fabric, cut the pattern, serged the edges, attached the front to the back and […]

limitless light source jacket

Project Title Limitless lighted jacket Project Team Members: Aaron Kellerhuis Project Description: A jacket with LEDs incorporated in the cuffs for function as a light source for localized use in cramped dark areas that you may not be able to use a flashlight. Additionally the patch pockets on the front […]

Wearable Tech Warm Up Project

*also, the tape covering some of the conductive threads on the inside of the bag were needed for insulation. The threads running from the lights on the inside to the light on the zipper flap would occasionally make contact and short the circuit depending on how folded the bag top was.


With more time this issue and others mentioned could be fixed by creating a custom patterned bag to fully integrate and minimize the lilypad arduino and its components.

Light up bag