Weekly Update #2

lightedjacket lightedjacket1 lightedjacket2


The order of these photos is misleading. I attempted to upload a video of my arduino running the code correctly with the conditional statement of only when the switch is disengaged that the led will turn on when it is dark. Specifically for my application, when the pocket of the jacket is opened and it is dark, a light will turn on on the interior of the pocket.The first photo shows the led functioning when the two red clips (switch) is disengaged. (I was simultaneously blocking the light sensor for it to detect a dark environment) The second shows the wiring of the sensor, LED, and switch on the lilypad. Anyways, this week has seen great progress.



coding complete!

jacket looking good

ideas formulated and how to make the project function





Need Lining fabric

Need to finish patterning pockets

Need components



pattern the circuits and their integration within the garment

find a material for a corded edge on the cuff to illuminate light and conceal LEDS

obtain final components (battery, LEDS, etc)