Weekly Update #3

I have figured out that there is a way to create a pressure sensor button without layering conductive thread with velostat. Instead there is a different program that I can download in order to create a pressure sensor reaction with just one layer of conductive fabric sewn in to the project that connects to 2 different outputs on the trinket. I have sewn in the small square of conductive fabric connecting to the trinket board. I have also downloaded the capacitive sensor program. I need to add the program’s code into my project’s code. I also need to sew in a receiving pin between the “button” and the board at one end. I estimate that I am halfway complete, if not a little more, with the project. I need to figure out the technical side of the programing now with the changes I have made to the initial start timer button and resew things in cleaner and more finished. Making this product as streamline and functional as possible are the biggest hurdles.