Weekly Update 2


For the past week I’ve mainly been focused on the apparel structure of the project rather than the electronics. I’ve been playing with the electronics a little bit, but won’t apply them until the entire outfit is complete. I’ve been working on the paperwork for the top and been trying to troubleshoot the problem of connecting the top to the pants. The wiring would be much easier (and cheaper) if I can connect the top to the bottom, but now issues of actually wearing the piece have arisen (i.e. how will the model actually put on the outfit). I’m looking for ways to make the top open up on the sides or the back, but without disrupting the electronics. The problem is I can’t sew on the electronics until the top is done, so I have to make sure the measurements are all correct.

This week I hope to finish the apparel or at least find a solution that I can carry out into next week. I don’t think I will apply the electronics for another week, but I plan to test them out and make sure everything will be in order. Basically this week will consist of making sure everything is ready for final application for the next two weeks.