Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

Weekly update #3

These additional items include: What percentage would you estimated that you have completed for your project? 20%. I have 99% of my material and I have started the overall construction process for the top and the code for the lights How much has the project changed since your initial pitch? I […]

Weekly Update 2

For the past week I’ve mainly been focused on the apparel structure of the project rather than the electronics. I’ve been playing with the electronics a little bit, but won’t apply them until the entire outfit is complete. I’ve been working on the paperwork for the top and been trying […]

Weekly Update II

I am now working on detecting bad posture and gait. My fall detection algorithm works. It does have a few quirks but those happen rarely. Now I plan to work on gait detection.     Roadblocks : 1).   Developing an algorithm that detects bad gait is more challenging since […]

Weekly Update I

So far I have been waiting for my materials to arrive. So in the meantime I decided to work on the software part of my project. I have been working on the app that will connect my phone with the shoe and extend its functionality.  I also decided to to add […]

Weekly update #2

So far, all my materials arrived. I basically got the code (might have some adjustment later when shooting) and all materials for my circuit. My problem is I got mistake by ordering the wrong materials for the milky way pattern as I changed the ideas for the skirt after placing […]