Final Project Post

This project was an attempt to recreate a wearable illusion that a person is, physically, an android. It consisted of a bodysuit that all of the robotic pieces were attached to including all of the electronics. Included are: over 200 LEDs in the chest, arms, and back; 6 servos, 3 in each […]

Final Post

  Video of final project available here: https://youtu.be/ZTxle8vFWD0 My project is a tactile, interactive STEM outreach piece. It is designed to get kids excited about electronics and programming with lights and motion. The EL wire is passive and can draw in an audience, the persistence of vision is designed for ‘Wow’ […]

Final Post

  The Purpose When initially planning for this class project, every idea I came up with had some component that couldn’t be washed (like a battery), or that required more soldering than sewing (most sensors), alongside some component that could be sewn directly into the garment.  This seemed like a […]

Weekly Update #6

Past week was very tedious for progress. The hands have been fully patterned and one hand is fully finished, still building the fingers of the next. They those pieces will be off to paint as they are not necessary for electrical outputs. Final pieces have their final layers of paint […]

Weekly Update Six

  Done this week: Redesigned the bracket to work with magnets; schematic above, minus cover. Purchased / Recieved LED diffusing plastic, seems like it should work. Final design for the fabric portion is set, but still needs to be built. Identified all the needed code for trinket I2C slaves.   Issues: […]

Weekly update

  Accomplishments: I finished sewing all the EL wire onto the carpet! For the 555/servo circuit, I  figured out how the protoboard should be configured, and cut the traces as needed. Finally, I cut and sewed the base of the lantern for holding the battery packs. Problems or Issues: What […]

Weekly Update #5

I was not able to get as much done this weekend as I had wanted to but the end is near. I’m designing the final pieces of the fingers and all I have left are the fingertips. After the rest of the pieces are made, I plan to attach the […]

Weekly Update Five

  Done this week:     Iterated on shell design.  Test prints can be seen above; I think the final version is all planned out, but still needs to be printed. Scaling plans back to fit into time left.  This is mostly triage just now — prioritizing the essentials.   […]

Weekly update

Accomplishments: I finished the 555 chip circuit for controlling the servo motor and it works reasonably well. I also completed sewing the orange EL wire into an outer square. For the purple chasing EL wire I looked at a lot of designs before settling on the word ‘magic’ in Arabic […]

Weekly Update #4

Progress is speeding by. I finished the wiring and attaching the lighting on all the chest pieces, shoulder and upper arm pieces. I also completed building the Hand plates and encasing them in Worbla plastic. I also finished attaching the motor/light combo to the back pieces. I plan to finish […]