Daily Archives: April 25, 2016

weekly update #6

For this week, I finished attaching the whole circuit and got it work. I tested if my light source is good enough for the fiber optics and it kinda works. It just depends on If I hold the fiber optics on top of the light right or wrong. I also […]

Poster Requirements

Send digital file of your poster by the 28th so we can compile them in a powerpoint to project during event.   For the final project showcase, you will need to make a poster for your work.¬† An example of how your poster could look can be found at: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~nmitchel/ds501_data/drawing.jpg […]

Weekly Update 6

This week we starting integrating the electronics with the shirt along with screen printing the design on the outer layer of the shirt. The screen printing was a done by both Sam and Stephen. Sam- Finished and tested the audio detection code. Now the EL panels light up to different […]

Weekly Update Six

  Done this week: Redesigned the bracket to work with magnets; schematic above, minus cover. Purchased / Recieved LED diffusing plastic, seems like it should work. Final design for the fabric portion is set, but still needs to be built. Identified all the needed¬†code for trinket I2C slaves.   Issues: […]