Daily Archives: April 18, 2016

weekly update 5

Progress is a little behind schedule but the schedule had a lot of time blocked out for final touches which is can be left out. The biggest setback on the electronics side was the broken microphone, which that problem is now fixed. This week will be designated to sewing the […]

Weekly Update IV

Up till now almost all features have been completed except for pressure sensitivity. I used arduino nano as my micro controller and two pressure sensors placed at the front and at the back of the insole. A 9V battery was used to power the hardware.   Hurdles: Not enough space […]

Weekly Update #5

This week I sewed the lilypad and accelerometer to the rash guard and connected the led strip as well. I started working on soldering the wires to the other side of the led strip but couldn’t manage to solder it properly. Later today I am going to pick up fabric […]

Weekly Update #5

This past week, I began the construction of the physical piece.  As I planned, I sewed the two wristbands together, but only after deconstruction the bulkier wristband.  This cut down on the bulk of what will be the final product, leaving me with a flap to cover the board instead […]

Weekly Update Five

  Done this week:     Iterated on shell design.  Test prints can be seen above; I think the final version is all planned out, but still needs to be printed. Scaling plans back to fit into time left.  This is mostly triage just now — prioritizing the essentials.   […]