Weekly Update #5

IMG_6799 IMG_6801

This past week, I began the construction of the physical piece.  As I planned, I sewed the two wristbands together, but only after deconstruction the bulkier wristband.  This cut down on the bulk of what will be the final product, leaving me with a flap to cover the board instead of sewing the entire wristband onto the tighter wristband like I had originally planned.  By deconstructing it, I am now about to simply sew a piece of velcro onto the other side for closure.

There are no immediate problems that I am encountering, albeit I did struggle a bit with the sewing.  But, that was somewhat to be expected.

This week I plan on continuing to sew in the other components of the project and I hope to have the wristband construction just about finished this week, if not entirely done altogether.