Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

Weekly Update #3

Progress Made this past week: Lining material cut coding successfully done bellows patch pocket concept researched ideas on where to integrate the electronics What needs accomplishing: Need to find a sewable material to conduct light through the cuff bands (plastic cording essentially) find a better dedicated power source for my […]

Weekly Update #3

The leggings are done and the shirt is almost finished! I think I’ve solved the mystery of “where to put the zipper/how to connect the shirt to the pants/which shirt should use the hood.” I’m going to attach the hood to the black crop top, put an invisible zipper in […]

Weekly Update#3

Last week I adjusted the testing code for the last time and the test on the testing fabric went well. It showed that when put the fabric( nightdress) vertically, the output of Z direction is around 500. When shaking the fabric, the out put of Z direction is between 400-600. […]