Weekly Update #3


The leggings are done and the shirt is almost finished! I think I’ve solved the mystery of “where to put the zipper/how to connect the shirt to the pants/which shirt should use the hood.” I’m going to attach the hood to the black crop top, put an invisible zipper in the right side, and attach the pants to the shirt in the back with narrow strip on fabric.

I believe I am about 60% done- the apparel is almost done, besides a hood and shall. I need to sew on the lights and program them (won’t be hard since I’ve done it before).

My project has mainly stayed the same, and I don’t plan on altering my original plans much in the future.

The only major hurdle I have left is to make sure I stitch and program the lights correctly, (never worked with EL lights, let alone multiple EL lights, before).

I hope to completely finish the apparel this week and start applying the lights