Weekly Update #3

Progress Made this past week:

  • Lining material cut
  • coding successfully done
  • bellows patch pocket concept researched
  • ideas on where to integrate the electronics

What needs accomplishing:

  • Need to find a sewable material to conduct light through the cuff bands (plastic cording essentially)
  • find a better dedicated power source for my cuff lights (coin cell lilypad broken)
  • cut my new pockets for the jacket and sew the lining material

Next week:

  • Copy/paste the code except for second pin set to have two functioning light up pockets
  • experiment sewing translucent material into the cuffs
  • make a schematic for the wiring



What percentage would you estimated that you have completed for your project?

  • 60% completed

How much has the project changed since your initial pitch? My project has stayed true to the original, except utilizing only one light sensor

  • My project has stayed true to the original being a custom made jacket incorporating the lighting functionality. I have scaled back and only am utilizing one light sensor

What major hurdles do you have left?

  • finish an integrated design of the electronic components into the jacket (circuits)
  • find a material that I can use to transpose lights through the cuffs
  • finish construction of the jacket after electronics have been embedded