Final Post

  Description: This project is a robe containing LEDs that can light up. People can use it during the midnight to light up their way instead of finding the switch to turn on the light. There are Lilypad and a battery hidden in the side pocket. This robe uses the […]

Weekly Update#6

  Accomplishment: 80%-85% Last week I finished sewing the Lilypad in the pocket on my nightdress and I adjusted the code. The output data is OK. Difficulties: There are still some threads on the surface and I don’t know what is the best way to cover it. Plan next week: […]

Weekly Updates#5

Accomplishment: I adjusted the final code and now it works. If I can shake the nightdress more than 8 times in 2 seconds. The LEDs will light up. And if I lie it down which puts the board in a horizon position and keep it for more than 2 seconds […]

Weekly Update#4

Percentage: 50%-60% Accomplishment: This week I have finished all the programming and have had all my electronic elements including the 20 LEDs sewn on my testing fabric to have a simple demo for my final nightdress. Difficulties: The code did’t go very well which means I may need some adjustment […]

Weekly Update#3

Last week I adjusted the testing code for the last time and the test on the testing fabric went well. It showed that when put the fabric( nightdress) vertically, the output of Z direction is around 500. When shaking the fabric, the out put of Z direction is between 400-600. […]

Weekly Update #2

Now all my elements have arrived. Last time my programming test did not go well. I switch the X direction to Z direction. The results turned to be better. Here is my mapping for the 20 LEDs on the nightdress. The next week I will try to finish all the […]

Weekly Update #1

What I have accomplished: By now all my elements and materials have been ordered and delivered which include a night dress, 20 LEDs, an accelerator, cover fabric and so on. Moreover I have finished the testing programming for ADXL335.   Problems I have met: The testing didn’t go very well. […]

Final Project

Project Title: Function Nightdress Project Team Members: One (Christine) Project Description:There are lilypad, LEDs and accelerometer on the dress. People in the midnight may need to go to the bathroom. They may have a hard time find the switch of the light and sometimes forget to turn off before go […]