Final Project

Project Title: Function Nightdress

Project Team Members: One (Christine)

Project Description:There are lilypad, LEDs and accelerometer on the dress. People in the midnight may need to go to the bathroom. They may have a hard time find the switch of the light and sometimes forget to turn off before go back to sleep. Why not have the lights on our own nightclothes and we could control them so we won’t have trouble in the night anymore? This nightdress has a function that if we shake it in a certain direction, the accelerometer will sense it and make the LEDs on the dress will light up via the lilypad. Moreover, when we’re lying in the bed the accelerometer won’t sense any movement and the LEDs won’t light up so that our sleep won’t be interrupted. In addition, I will use conductive threads to sew it and after that I will use other thread and fabric to hide all these materials as much as I could.

Sketch/Concept Art


The LEDs on the nightdress will make up a plant pattern

Materials and Costs

Lilypad(owned), Conductive Threads(owned), Nightdress($11), LEDs($56.25), Accelerometer($15), Embroidery Threads($5), Chiffon($3.68), Satin Fabric($4.07), Total Shipping($20)


Have all materials prepared – March 8th

Finish all the programming – March 24th

Finish the nightdress – April 19th

Fallback Plans

I think my project is not very hard to finish. If it failed, I would change another way to make the LEDs to light up or switch the function to others like the music player or alarm clock.