Daily Archives: February 18, 2016

Design 2016

As we mentioned in class today, Design 2016 may be a great place to show off the work you have created in this class. Follow the link before to find out more about the process of applying. Design 2016

Final Project Pitch Repost

Since this post fell below all of the great warm-up project posts I thought I would repost this to make it easy to find. http://blogs.discovery.wisc.edu/wearable2016/2016/02/11/final-project-pitch/ I have also added the post to the menu.  Email us if you have any questions.

Overstride Leggings

Over-striding can be a problem for runners since it can increase strain on the legs, throw off pacing, and increase risk of injury. Although over-striding mainly deals with the distance between your striking leg and your center of gravity, striking with too straight of a leg can signal an overs-stride. […]

Light Up Twinkling Headband

I made a headband with LEDs that fade in and out at different rates which are connected to a light sensor. Every three LEDs have a different fade rate so it creates a twinkling effect. However, in the video my batteries were running low so all the LEDs appear to […]

Light-Up Necklace

I designed a necklace that lights up when there is light and the lights stop where they are in the pattern in the dark. I 3D printed the piece that holds the lights and made a removable chain piece that wraps around one of the shoulders. If I had more […]

Signal Explorer Glove

https://vimeo.com/155803546   The Signal Explorer Glove makes wireless signals visible to the naked eye, as colors on the back of your hand. A bluetooth receiver in the palm of the glove measures RSSI to a connected device, and an LED on the back of the hand, diffused by a plastic […]