Swarovski Rhinestone and LED Embellished Bra

Inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, I wanted to design and create a bra that was a true show stopping piece. I designed and constructed the entire bra which was a major learning experience in and of itself. I then rhinestoned the entire bra with Swarovski rhinestones for a glittery and dazzling effect that the LED lights could reflect off of. I then continued to add the LED lights across the surface of the bra cups. I chose a C cup because I wanted to have enough surface area for the rhinestones and lights to play off of each other. I think I did a good job integrating the Lilypad into the design of the bra. Most of the stitching is hidden which is what I was going for. If I had more time to work on this project I would add more lights and make sure that all the lights twinkled to the beat of the music. I plan to use fiber optics for my final project and want to incorporate the beat of the music into that for sure. So I plan to take what I learned from this project and what was unsuccessful and hopefully incorporate it into my final project in a successful manner.