limitless light source jacket

Localized light source jacket

Localized light source jacket

Project Title
Limitless lighted jacket

Project Team Members:
Aaron Kellerhuis

Project Description:
A jacket with LEDs incorporated in the cuffs for function as a light source for localized use in cramped dark areas that you may not be able to use a flashlight. Additionally the patch pockets on the front would light up on the interior when the pocket flap is opened and it is dark out. This is a utility jacket that offers localized light for duty. Dual light sensors average light data to determine whether it is a light or dark environment, enabling the pocket flap lights when they are opened in the dark. The cuff illumination is manual via a button on the sleeve

Workwear and the light up bike signal jacket

Materials and Costs
light sensors
conducive thread
LED strip
lining material

estimated cost $100

March 3- order/ find Led strip and appropriate power capable with the arduino

March 8- pattern a liner for my found jacket to conceal the arduino and its componets

March 10- Have all materials present for the construction to figure out the coding

March 15th- Circuits and coding

March 17th- have everything tested as functioning before sewing into the liner

March 22nd- imbed the liner and components within the jacket for final testing/ calibration of sensors

March 24th- have project completed



Fallback Plans

less lights, whether or not I have the cuff LED strip/ the number of total LEDS.

Maybe only use one light sensor for light values