Weekly Update #4

Progress made this past week:

  • lining material sewn together
  • facings added to jacket
  • test fitting (slim)
  • coding for light up pocket function copied and applied to a second set of pins on the lilypad arduino
  • pockets patterned

What needs accomplishing:

  • wiring diagram
  • pattern cuffs (no longer using a clear cording to transmit light, cuff will have ‘layers’ to provide a concealed surface to apply the LEDs topically within the cuffs)
  • power source for LED cuff
  • experiment with conductive hook and loop as a switch for the pockets

Next week:

  • Have cuffs patterned and cut
  • cut/sew on pockets
  • experiment with conductive hook and loop
  • find/order a suitable power source for my cuffs (resolder conical battery holder)IMG_7939