Weekly Update #4


WT Week 4 Update

2. A Listing of accomplishments made by all group members for the previous week

Sam: Did a lot of work on the app.  He got the drop down menu of the app to work as well as the populating of the words that are programmed in.  Sam also accomplished that when a word is selected it is highlighted in the app.

Michael: Changed the Arduino circuit so it works on the full design and assisted Sam with the app.

Sylvia: Burned the buttons image in the screen and began cutting out the fabric to begin assembly of the arm band.

3. A description of problems encountered and outstanding issues (highlight anything that you are looking for help on)

Sam: Had trouble figuring out the aspect of the app that enables one to change the word that coordinates with a specific button.  He will continue working on figuring this out this coming week.

Michael: Struggled to get the app to work on his computer.

Sylvia: The design of the buttons was too intricate to burn into the screen clearly.  Some of the aspects of the design that are essential to its utility didn’t burn correctly.  I tried to clean up these lines using the photo emulsion chemicals and a paintbrush which I will expose and hopefully the results will be better this try.

4. A plan for the next week of work

Continue work on the app and hopefully figure out the ability to change the word that coordinates with the buttons.  Hopefully my fix on the screen will work and I can begin screen printing and constructing the arm band with the fabric that I have prepared for assembly.