Weekly Update #1

Accomplishments: Ordered all parts. Starts looking at the sample codes online for help with coding. Finalized the design for the accessory. Problems: I have a hard time understanding the code sketches because of no prior substantial coding experience. Next week: Start writing the code. Try out all the parts.

Final Project: Anxiety Sensor

Project Title: Anxiety Sensor Project Team Members: None Project Description: Use a pulse sensor, most probably attached to earlobe, to monitor anxiety levels based on heart beat. The product will log the data of heart palpitations and store it into a memory card in the form of number of heart […]

Posture Sensor

I used a flex sensor, which is calibrated for my back, to make a posture sensor. If the flex sensor is bent beyond a certain angle, the vibe board vibrates to let me know that my posture needs correcting. If I sit up straight, it stops vibrating. If I had […]