ATMW Skirt

Project tittle: A Touch on Milky Way (ATMW)

Team member: Emma Thuong Dinh

Description: My project is about making a skirt that can light up in the dark. When lighting up, it will show the pattern of Milky Way based on fiber optics and LEDs. It will work based on light sensor. This flattering skirt will help any girl get attention and have fun while hanging out at night, especially in summer time.


Inspiration: Interest in Astronomy together with fiber optics wearables (skirt, dress, top).

Materials and Costs:

Fiber Optics ($20) (already have)

LEDs and board/sensor (60) (already have)

Patterned Fabric (40) (waiting for arriving)

Total: $120


  • 03/03: coding
  • 03/08: start working with fiber optics
  • 03/15: combine LEDs and fiber optics
  • 03/17: start stitching and sewing
  • 04/07: complete sewing
  • 04/14: shooting and fixing troubles
  • 04/ 21: finish project hopefully

Fallbacks: Simplify the materials (take off fiber optics and go with LEDs)