Final Post

  1. Upload images and videos of your final project and an image of your final poster as a JPG
  1. Describe what your project does and how it works
    • This dress has city lights that turn on when a light sensor is exposed and dims when the light sensor is covered
  2. What are your overall feelings on your project? Are you pleased, disappointed, etc.?
    • Overall I loved my project and my concept however I am pretty disappointed with my overall execution since I was not able to incorporate all of the features that I wanted to. This is partially a result of the fiberoptic causing wrinkles in the material giving a messy and unprofessional look. Additionally the placement of the lights were not possible since the thread I was using frayed to much and I did not have enough time to come up with a workable solution.
  3.  How well did your project meet your original project description and goals?
    • The project looks almost exactly like the drawing and the overall appearance looks clean minus a few technicalities from the stiffness of the wire on the city. Furthermore the integration of all of the electronics was a little less than expected, but again this was due to a time constraint.
  4. What were the largest hurdles you encountered?  How did you overcome these challenges?
    • The largest hurdles that I encountered was with the micro controller and my computer not allowing me to upload the code to make the design work. I was able to use a 3-2 USB converting port to get the code onto the board however I did not have access to it during the final review of my program so I was not able to use it.
    • A secondary challenge was sticking to the schedule and keeping up. I found myself falling behind as the semester went on as I kept getting caught up on some of the details of the design.
  5.  If you had more time, what would you do next?
    • With more time I would have created a better layout for the electronics so that I could incorporate more LED at the top of the dress to create a galaxy feature since the fiber optics did not give the appearance that I was expecting or anticipating it to have.