Lights and Motion

Weekly Update #6

  *Photos will be added Monday* Progress made this week: sewed the arms onto the lining basted the lining to the jacket outer sewed pockets onto jacket What needs accomplishing: embed componets attach cuffs attach collar POSTER! THIS WEEK!: Monday: SEW! take photos and prepare poster Tuesday: Have poster ready […]

Weekly Updates#5

Accomplishment: I adjusted the final code and now it works. If I can shake the nightdress more than 8 times in 2 seconds. The LEDs will light up. And if I lie it down which puts the board in a horizon position and keep it for more than 2 seconds […]

Weekly Update #5

The sewing is basically done and I’ve moved on to adding the lights. Everything should work together, except the EL panel which has the wrong size of a “plug” to put into the board. I’m going to cut it’s wire and weld a smaller wire onto it and weld that […]

update #5

For this week, I moved on to a new step about the component instead of being stuck at the sewing part since Marianne said that it’s more important that I can finish the component and make it work rather than sewing the skirt and I’m running out of time. Therefore, […]

Weekly Update #5

  Progress made this week: Re-cut and sewed my lining correctly ordered and received the new battery and extra LEDs I needed new components. rechargeable battery, battery port with on/off switch, button board, 10 white LEDs for the cuffs Tested hook and loop closure as a ‘switch’ in a circuit […]

Weekly Update #5

Images: This is the progress of the dress so far Accomplishment: This week I spent a lot of time working on the garment rather than the programing so that I have something to start attaching the electronics on I cut out the city skyline and planned out the location of […]

Weekly Update 4

The apparel section is almost done! The hood is finished and about to be attached. The only thing left to sew are the hem and edges. I think I will put an invisible zipper on the side of the crop top and attach the pants to the crop with a […]

week #4 update

For this week, I still haven’t done much more except cutting out some more pieces for the skirt so I don’t have any new photo to update. I’m still on my way to try to finish cutting the fabric and sewing my skirt. For next week, I will move on […]