Weekly Update #6



Accomplishments: We did not figure out how to make the code for the FHT work but I wrote a simpler code that works pretty well using raw data from the electret microphone. I have been working on putting the skirt together this week.  I cut all of the fabric and attached it to the skirt and attached the fiber optics to the skirt/lights. I hope to finish the skirt by Monday.  The picture shows what I have so far.  I still need to attach the remaining LEDs to the front and finish decorating the garment.

Problems: I was trying to make a code that takes the average once when it turns on and then compares the rest of the data to that average.  This code works when it is plugged into my computer but when I use a battery for power the average reads 0 so the lights are on instead of blinking to the beat of the music. This is not that big of a deal because I can reprogram it to not compare the values to the average but it would have been cool if this worked.

Plan this week: I will finish putting the bottoms together hopefully by Monday.  I also still need to sew in a battery holder to the top of the garment.  I will be working on my poster Monday/Tuesday.