Weekly Update #6

IMG_6834 IMG_6833

This past week, I completed the sewing of all velcro onto the band, which now makes secure closure and hiding of the board possible.  I also sewed on the LEDs.  This week, I just have to finish my last few stitches and attach the heart rate monitor either by soldering or by wrapping the wires around the appropriate pins.  This is to be determined, but I figure soldering might be the best idea.  Once everything with the sewing/connecting is 100 percent done, I am all set with the finished product.

I still have to finish my poster, but I have begun to work on that as well.  I hope to have everything completed by Tuesday, but this probably means I’ll have to put in a bit of extra work outside of class, too.  Hopefully I’ll be all set by the end of class Tuesday, at which point I will have the rest of the week to finalize all testing and complete the poster.