Weekly Update 4

IMG_6978 IMG_6979

The apparel section is almost done! The hood is finished and about to be attached. The only thing left to sew are the hem and edges. I think I will put an invisible zipper on the side of the crop top and attach the pants to the crop with a strip of fabric in the back. The only coverstitch machineĀ I could use had white thread (no idea how to change the thread, but since it’s been having so many problems lately I didn’t want to tamper with it). Although white stitching was not part of the plan, since it will be on both the hood and crop top, I’m okay with it, (plus it will match the white covering).

I’m hoping to add electronics either Thursday or next Tuesday and hopefully won’t have too many problems since the program is simple. The only thing that worries me is that I’ll be missing a piece of equipment (i.e. extra battery, missing board?) and have to quickly order new equipment with only so much time left.

It was a risk to work so much on the apparel structure and only so much on the electronics, but hopefully it will pay off.