Weekly Update #5

I am trying to focus my efforts now on the more technical side of this project. Kevin and Jess were very helpful in finding an alternative option to the rather finicky sound sensor. We decided that a tilt sensor would be a more plausible option. The brass bead will hang and when it swings and hits the conductive fabric it will complete the circuit and the fiber optics will light up. So the fiber optics will respond to the model’s walk who is moving to the music. I think this is a really great option and feel excited and motivated about this new change to the project. I think I was intimidated by the idea of complex programming that I was trying to avoid it. Now that programming seems a little more attainable for my level I am more excited about completing this project. Also the fact that it will actually work!

So this next Tuesday Jess will be bringing her extra brass beads that she has. For next Tuesday I plan to have all the fiber optics sewn into the skirt, the Lilypad programmed, and be ready to work on sewing in the Lilypad and brass beads into the skirt.

Tilt SensorIMG_5327 IMG_5328