update #5

For this week, I moved on to a new step about the component instead of being stuck at the sewing part since Marianne said that it’s more important that I can finish the component and make it work rather than sewing the skirt and I’m running out of time. Therefore, I decided to focus on the function from now on and just use any existing skirt to make it work for my whole project.

I finished stitching my main circuit including lily pad, battery, neopixels.

My plan for next week will be soldering the wires to connect the microphone into the circuit, running the code and attaching fiber optics.

My big challenge now is time since I don’t know if the code will take much time to adjust or not.

I feel positive now to catch up since i don’t have to care about sewing the skirt. Therefore, I feel like my project is roughly 50-55% completed.