Weekly Update #5


This is the progress of the dress so far


  • This week I spent a lot of time working on the garment rather than the programing so that I have something to start attaching the electronics on
  • I cut out the city skyline and planned out the location of each other windows
  • I figured out the connection between the two boards using buttons to interaction with the lights. when the buttons are pressed (which are located on the each side of the hips) will turn off the city lights and brighten the fiber optic lights of the galaxy
  • I ordered both batteries and the battery port to solder onto the trinket so that I could attach a battery to it


  • I will not be able to use the pulse sensor since I will be working with the trinkets rather than a traditional arduino or lily pad. The trinket does not have a serial reader which means there is no way for the pulse sensor to read and gather the data since it outputs in serial. So I will be switching to buttons
  • I will not be able to charge the battery with the trinket so if I want to charge the batteries later I will need to use another board to take care of it. But my batteries are large so that should not be a huge issue.

Next week:

  • Finish the top of the dress (officially)
  • Talk through the new code and program with Kevin to see if my idea is feasible
    • I already have the buttons so I don’t have to worry about that too much but I will need to be strategic with their placement
  • Attach the fiber optics to the skirt
  • Attach the lights to the bottom of the dress. and then place the city over it.