Daily Archives: April 11, 2016

Update #4

Sam-ordered new parts and materials such as a new mic and an amplifier for the aux cable sub circuit. The main problems that need trouble shooting right now is the actual hardware which has been worked on for weeks. The software or code is correct and should work fine with […]

week #4 update

For this week, I still haven’t done much more except cutting out some more pieces for the skirt so I don’t have any new photo to update. I’m still on my way to try to finish cutting the fabric and sewing my skirt. For next week, I will move on […]

Weekly Update Four

  Done this week: Sewed in snaps to the test poncho, along with some neopixels; tested a removable connection to an arduino via alligator clips on unsewn end of the snaps. ¬†Works fine when everything’s connected; loss of data or power also seem fine. ¬†Loss of ground leaves the neopixels […]