Final Post


This project is a skirt with Neopixels and beads that creates a pattern inspired by Milky Way. For how it work, the electret microphone will detect the sound to trigger Neopixels to light up. The Neopixels will change the colors and blink based on the sensitive of VU meter when it receive music.

I’m happy that the whole circuit works, but disappointed at its stability. Since I don’t have any experiences at design and technology, I couldn’t make the circuit have stronger connections to establish the stability.

My original project description was a skirt will light up in the dark by LEDs and include fiber optics. My project didn’t meet the description of fiber optics, but function based on sound/music which I didn’t include in my original project description.

This project is the whole challenge for me, especially sewing the skirt. I spent too much time on trying to sew it with no sewing skill. Eventually, I had to end up using an existing piece as a solution which worked fine. I had to worked very hard at the last two weeks to combine the circuit and the skirt then test it over and over. Once, one of the wire was broken and one of connection sparked and burned a little bit.

If I had more time, I would find the way to add fiber optics. For instant, add more light sources which allow fiber optics to connect vertically. Besides, I also want to improve the stability.