Weekly update #3

For this week,  I has been working on sewing my skirt but it seems difficult for me as I’m very new to design. I was working on using pattern to cut out the fabric for my skirt but it is still very difficult for me.. Besides, i just try to make sure that the battery will work for my whole circuit. That’s all i have done this week.

I decided not to use the fabric with milky way printed as the materials won’t work. In stead, I decided to make a new way to combine fiber optics, lily pad, neopixels,…which will create the symbol of milky way and my actual skirt.

My major huddle right now is making the skirt. I got the coding part and way to sew fiber optics, therefore, I think I got 35-40% on my process. I feel behind but will try to work extra on weekends to make sure the coding will work, fiber optics will work, and the skirt will be made.

My plan for next week is to sew the skirt partially and sew fiber optics into the fabric.