Weekly Update #6

I finally have all the fiber optics sewn into the skirt. I am currently working on sewing the Lilypad and all of its corresponding parts into the skirt. I always think sewing it all into the garment is the most challenging part. I do not know if it works yet or not since I am not quite finished. I am really nervous it is not going to work, especially the fiber optics. I sanded and cut small slivers into them to try to get the light to project all the way down the skirt but Jess said it more likely is a matter of my light source not being strong enough. I am hoping to finish sewing it all into the skirt this evening and fingers crossed it works! I plan to work on my poster this week in addition to any trouble shooting that I may have. IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5475 IMG_5474